Everybody has ideas, even good ones. So realize that you’re never the only one on earth who’s thinking about that very special idea. There’s always somebody else thinking of exactly the same brilliant solution. Therefor the person behind the idea is most important. Are you the person that will conquer the world or just the lazy one that sits back and watches others have succes with exactly the same idea?

Start rewarding your creativity, don’t hesitate or wait till someone else will! ideapitcher has the most advanced set of tools to help, guide and empower the crazy ones who want to change te world. Are you ready.

Our vision

Everyone can have a great idea, but only few are able to turn them into a success. ideapitcher’s vision is to create a global community where individuals come together and share ideas, collaborate, find funding and ultimately create superior products which will impact millions of lives.

Our Mission

At ideapitcher, we’re on a mission to build a global secure Social platform where people with great ideas can receive structured actionable feedback, find industry experts and collaborators, to establish funding and realize their dreams.

“Are your full of ideas and crazy enough to think they can change the world? What are you waiting for, join ideapitcher en start pitching your ideas!”