Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

ideapitcher is the most safe and easy way to save, share and develop your valuable ideas. Click here to see how it works

How can it be safe to upload my ideas online?

ideapitcher encrypts your ideas and pitches in the database so no-one can ever see your valuable projects except the people you share it to. Even our own developers, working at ideapitcher, can’t acces your ideas without access granted by you.

How can ideapitcher protect my idea when i share it for feedback?

Every time you invite contacts to give feedback on your idea, they will have to sign a digital NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) so they are not allowed to talk about it furthermore. A copy of this legal document can be found in your account and be consulted at all times by the idea owner.

I thought it isn’t possible to protect an idea, how does this work at ideapitcher?

You are right, an idea itself is hard to protect under any international law. That works the same if you share your ideas to trusted contacts outside ideapitcher. Because of the use of ideapitcher every communication string around your idea is digitally tracked. You can acces this record within your account so you are totally aware of the journey your idea will make.

Next to that, ideapitcher will create an official personal- and date-stamp for each idea you submit. Therefor you’ll have a independent party who can prove when you first submitted the idea. Next to that everybody who can access your idea will sign the Non Disclosure agreement (NDA), something that you might forget to ask when you share it in person.

In the event of a misunderstanding about the contents of your idea, you’ll have more independent prove compared to every other way of developing ideas to show in court. This doesn’t mean that you are 100% sure of the protection of your idea, but ideapitcher gives you much more confidence than any other tool ever did!