Safe Guarantee

ideapitcher is a community and tool for people with great ideas, who are crazy enough to think they can change the world. Therefor it’s in our best interest to protect those possible valuable ideas with everything we got.

“We want to change the world, are you crazy enough to join?”

Why is ideapitcher the safest way to lock and share your ideas?

Ideas are three times encrypted into a “fort knox” digital safe instead of letting them roam around on notepads.

Every idea has a personal- and date stamp which will remain in the database and can be consulted at all times by the idea owner. Therefor it’s digitally locked when you first thought about this idea.

Ideas are always private (or private to collaborators) so nobody can access them. Even our developers can’t see them because of the triple way encryption

Ideas are shared in pitches an only available to the audience you’ve selected. “Spreading the word” is in your hands and easy to follow because everything takes place digitally.

Only registered persons can access pitches.

Before someone can see a pitch they will have to sign a digital NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). This NDA is double opt-in so it is an official legal document which can be consulted at all times by the idea owner.

Every movement of a pitch is digitally recorded in order to defend your statements in court if necessary